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Let the Music Tell the Story

    Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Victoria, Cush Ryder is a dynamic and energetic country rock band that's poised to make waves with their modern country rock sound and electrifying performances. With a mission to breathe new life into the genre, Cush Ryder brings an explosive blend of country and pub rock that's as potent as it is irresistible.  

As a five-piece band, never playing the same show twice, you can be assured of an entertaining night.


    Formed during the Melbourne Covid lockdown periods of 2021, Cush Ryder is driven by a shared love for both the soulful melodies of country music and the raw energy of rock 'n' roll. The stage is their playground, and their performances are marked by a boundless sense of fun and a knack for turning any venue into a roaring party.  

    From rowdy anthems that ignite the dance floor to heartfelt ballads that tug at heartstrings, Cush Ryder's versatile repertoire resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. Their lyrics tell stories of love, life, broken dreams and the empty bars that come with the territory, all delivered with a charismatic and relatable charm that connects them with fans on a personal level. Cush Ryder's determination to bring a fresh perspective to country music shines through in every note they play.  

    From the bars of Nashville to small town pubs of Australia, blending traditional elements with a modern edge, they're carving out a niche that's entirely their own. Whether it's a festival stage or an intimate club setting, the band's electrifying presence and infectious tunes ensure that their performance is an unforgettable experience.  

   As Cush Ryder storms onto the country rock scene, they're poised to leave an indelible mark. With a mission to have a blast while wearing their rock ‘n roll hearts on their sleeve, get ready to ride the wave of excitement with Cush Ryder as they revolutionize the stage and show the world what country music is truly capable of.

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